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First of all, allow us to send all of our students our best wishes for health and success.
You want to learn to drive a class c truck. Confused about where to choose? Which center? You want to know more. You don’t have to go anywhere. We are with you and will always be with you. Let us work with you to discover what you didn’t know about learning and practicing truck driving skills.

– The quality of driver training we lead in Ho Chi Minh City (As a leading partner in driver training for major taxi companies such as SaiGonBus, Mai Linh, Vinasun in Ho Chi Minh City in the past time)

– Cheapest car driving lessons in Ho Chi Minh City (We have a system of registration offices throughout the districts (See details below), along with a system of practice fields up to more than 30 locations. Pick up (See details).Convenient for students to travel through which helps to reduce costs, so the tuition fee is low but the quality of learning is still high is our advantage. I’m almost the lowest in Ho Chi Minh City We are committed to a cheaper place with the same quality as the school. We will refund the tuition fee.

– The rate of students passing the exam is high in Ho Chi Minh City. (The school ranks first in the quality of teaching and learning to drive a car and the test ground is also the largest driving test ground in Ho Chi Minh City today.)

– Thousands of students have attended our school. In addition, we also support students after graduation, if they do not have a stable job, the school will introduce jobs for students for free.

Deadline for application submission: This Saturday

++ The tuition package includes all fuel fees, training yards, teacher salaries, documents to be transferred to the Department of Transport, graduation exam fees, medical examination certificates, photo shoots, etc. any costs and is guaranteed by a 100% legal entity contract of the driving school)
(Committed to the lowest tuition fee in Ho Chi Minh City, Covering tuition fees throughout Ho Chi Minh City, somewhere cheaper The school will refund the tuition fee).

+ Total tuition fee for learning to drive Truck C is: 8,500,000 VND (including admission fee, teacher’s salary, car rental, training ground, health check, photo shoot).

+ The total fee for the C truck driver’s license is: 965,000 VND (the graduation exam fee at the school and the test fee on the Department of Transport to get the license) => Free 2 times of the test (if failed).

+ Fee for issuance by PET card (new plastic card): VND 135,000
=> If students pass the test, they will go to the office in exactly 2 weeks to receive their driver’s license and driver’s license documents.
NOTE: During the process of learning to drive a car at school, you do not need to spend any money until you pass the test and receive your license, during the learning process even if anyone asks you to pay ( even teachers or examiners) are not allowed to voluntarily close, but must call the school to confirm.
If there are additional expenses in addition to the above costs, the school is the one to pay for you. Because the school has made a clear commitment by a legal document contract to protect the rights and interests of students.

++ To register for a class C truck driver’s license, you only need to pay a minimum of 3,000,000 VND in advance (the remaining tuition is divided into 2 payments).

++ Students who register for a group study will receive a direct tuition discount depending on the number of groups.

++ There are teachers to teach theory at home for students when registering 3 or more people.

100% free driving lessons for all classes, and free on-site accommodation for students who live far away.
++ There is a shuttle bus for students to practice practice at locations near their homes, students do not have to go far, saving travel costs.
The standard training program according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport, Students can learn to practice freely without limit ==>> Ensure Students will firmly handle the wheel and pass the exam absolutely.
++ Ensure the highest pass rate in HCMC =>> Our driving school will provide training and maximum support so that students can pass the exam 100%/each course.
++ The school has its own training ground, before taking the test, students can learn 1 person 1 car. (Large driving test yard in Ho Chi Minh City).

===>> Please contact: 0909.828.122 (Department of Admissions & Training)

++ The driving lesson schedule is very flexible for students, they can choose the school day and time according to their needs. With the number of students registering for driving lessons for C trucks every month, 200-300 students, so the school always opens Morning – Afternoon – Evening classes from Monday to Sunday so that students can choose at will. to suit your work.
++ If the student has an unexpected job during his driving lessons at the School, the School will let the student reschedule the class and exam schedule at the request of that student and will fully re-teach when the student starts school. again.
++ There is an enrollment consultant and registration for driving lessons at home.